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Billion Girls Colab

In this project, I led a team of designers in an approach that usually saw us drive the process that now required us to play a supportive role in bringing the ideas voiced by the girls to life. The project tackles different design briefs generated by young women between 18-24 yrs, that respond to their sexual and reproductive health challenges. The deliverables have all been ideated, prototyped, tested, and iterated with young women who lead the whole process making the products and services more viable and adoptive amongst their peers. 


Project Management, Human Centred Design, Communications, UI & UX  Design 



Billion Girls CoLab recognizes the importance of a systems approach that has girls at the front and centre of the design process, voicing the challenges they would like to solve in their communities through collaboration and supported by designers who guide them using the human-centred design approach.


The Design Challenge.

How might we create a support system for young women to explore and start income-generating activities that will support their ASRH needs over time.

Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 15.33.00.png

The Solutions.

Developed an app that enables girls and young women to access what they crave most;  information about the changes they will experience as they transition into adulthood thereby increasing their agency, enabling them to make informed decisions on their sexual reproductive health.

Communication design and UX for a pad bank system that is girl inspired and community enabled that is accessible and sustainable.

UX for a digital training after school program that elevates their skills preparing for the world.

A service blueprint for an entrepreneurial girl-led system and peer to peer mentorship program contributes to their economic empowerment.

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